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Best 100+ Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For boy & girl

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4th Birthday Wishes

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for our kids. Kids are the greatest blessings of the Lord. We can never find a much better replacement for this blessing. They complete us in every way. A family without a kid is incomplete. It is a boy or a girl, a child gives us the complete happiness and joy of life. We start loving our life when we have a child around us. They make us happy, take care of our little things, and also pamper us at an old age. So, a person having a child is the most blessed person on the earth. When our child turns 4, he or she is engaged with their preschool activities. They start finding happiness by completing the puzzle sets, coloring, drawing, collecting things, and many more.

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Top 50 Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For Boy & Girl:

4rht birthday message

On your dear birthday, I will do all that I can to locate the most delectable cake on the planet that is multiple times greater than the greatest cake ever prepared. A cute 4-year-old youngster like you merits a major and fun birthday festivity. Glad fourth birthday celebration!

Precisely four years back, the entire world started to get more brilliant in light of the fact that an exceptionally splendid individual was conceived – and this is your preferred 4-year-old infant! You merit four of the most brilliant Christmas candles. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration!

Today, when you are 4 years of age, glance around and appreciate multiple times the excellence, all things considered, I wish you a sensational fourth birthday celebration my affection!

To my 4-year-old little princess, glad birthday and congrats on turning four! I will deal with you like a sovereign today and I will make your wants work out as expected like playing for quite a long time with your companions and appreciating all the fun on the planet.

My dearest 4-year-old princess, kindly don’t grow up that quick. I actually make the most of your generosity and I would prefer not to quit playing with you yet. Expectation you have your most joyful fourth birthday celebration ever. May you satisfy all your deepest longings.

May your birthday presents be as sweet as you and your birthday cake as sweet as your giggling. Here are 4 of the most brilliant candles for you to blow and need. May you have a unimaginable birthday festivity. Glad fourth birthday celebration!

Congrats to my valuable and magnificent minimal 4-year-old! You’re somewhat similar to a young lady and you’re becoming exceptionally quick. I will just appreciate this second while I can in any case embrace and kiss you at whatever point I need. Glad fourth birthday celebration to you!

Expectation your birthday is loaded up with amusing birthday caps, beautiful plunder sacks, and the best presents. Expectation you have the best birthday any 4-year-old can have! The most joyful birthday of a darling!

Try not to accept a 4-year-old like you should just have the greatest cake in the whole world. It’s the most ideal approach to praise your exceptional day since you are 4 years of age! May you host the best fourth birthday celebration gathering!

I unexpectedly recollected my fourth birthday celebration party today. It was epic! There were many inflatables that occupied the gathering room and all my preferred individuals were in participation. On this fourth birthday celebration of yours, I trust you feel equivalent to I upheld at that point, so exceptional! May your endowments be plentiful and may your day be upbeat. Glad birthday kid!

Today, you have all the rights to sing at the head of your lungs and move until you drop since it’s your fourth birthday celebration! Following half a month, you will be at school playing with your new companions and learning new things. It’s not energizing? May your fourth birthday celebration be brimming with presents and treats! Glad birthday to you my best cousin! Make the most of your day!

To my sweet darling, cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you. I trust that this day will fill you with incalculable presents and that you will get the best birthday present there is.

Something enchanted is occurring today. Would you like to know what it is? It’s your affection for the fourth birthday celebration! This day will be astonishing!

50+ Awesome 8th birthday Wishes Cards:

4rth birthday quotes for boys

Today is an extraordinary day particularly for you since you are currently turning 4 years of age! We will commend it the manner in which you need: inflatables, cake, chocolates and bunches of endowments. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you!

There is no other doll in this world that can contrast with your adorableness and not even the most tasty cake on the planet can contrast with your pleasantness, my son. You simply turned 4 years of age and you are one bit nearer to having a major effect in this world. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration dear!

They are now grown up enough to understand the small values of life and family. They feel your love and care. Also, they get happier in no time. So celebrating your child’s 4th birthday is a big deal now. You have to take care of his little happiness and make sure that he or she feels excited about all of the birthday preparations and gifts. You have to maintain a good atmosphere for the child with his best friends and cute birthday wishes around him on the big day. Through your effort, a child will understand your love and care. He will get to know who important he is for you. For sure, he or she will also understand the meaning of birthdays now so make it more special and excited for your little angel who is now living life with different and beautiful colors.

Glad birthday to the coolest 4-year-old.

Kido, great job a long term old today! You will before long end up in school, with new companions, new information, new games and new encounters. So utilize it without limit while you’re actually brimming with energy before you get old and similarly as furious as your father and mother! Cheerful fourth birthday celebration from your coolest uncle!

Of the apparent multitude of children I realize who are your age now, I can say that you are the person who makes the least issues and the most uncommon as well! May you have a birthday brimming with fun and may your fantasies be conceded. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration to you!

To my charming 4-year-old companion today, you will begin to know a ton of things throughout everyday life, you will encounter the fun and pitiful side of this world, however wouldn’t fret any of it now, simply keep your eyes on the best birthday you will consistently recall!

There is discussion around that you are the coolest gathering here. Since you have your extraordinary day, I’m certain you are multiple times cooler! Upbeat birthday 4 superb infant!

It’s tiring to open a great deal of endowments and I generally need to skirt the part, however I realize you are currently getting a charge out of unloading all the magnificent blessings you got on your extremely uncommon day. Glad fourth birthday celebration!

To my charming little princess/princess, she is four years of age today. Continue looking cool like you were 4ever.

Top 100 beautiful 9th Birthday Wishes

4rth birthday wishes for girls

Each time somebody approaches me for the best a great time, I generally answer without the smallest idea that this date is my top choice. Four years prior, I got the ideal blessing ever. What’s more, that is the point at which I was conceived, my darling. I am thankful that you made me such a superb dad and mother since you brought forth the most brilliant little girl/child. Glad fourth birthday celebration!

To the coolest 4-year-old I know, here are innumerable Christmas wishes, huge amounts of treats, desserts and all the great presents. Cheerful birthday 4 kido!

Today on your extremely exceptional day, I give you only fun sacks, embraces, blessings, cakes and brilliant wishes. May everything you could ever hope for work out and fill your heart with happiness today as well as consistently after. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration to my star!

On your enormous day, I offer you an adorable and charming pup simply like you. Don’t hesitate to squeeze him and kiss him as much as you need since he cherishes him to such an extent. Glad fourth birthday celebration to the best child I know.

To the sharpest young lady you’ve ever met, cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you! Expectation you continue recollecting that us once you grow up and turn into a stunning and fruitful lady. We wish you a birthday loaded with giggling.

In this article, we will tell the different ways of wishes a boy or a girl on the 4th birthday. Birthdays are the most important and special day for a person. We usually celebrate this day with excitement and different celebrations with our family and friends. Kids make a family complete. They make us feel happy so we should take care of their little happiness and joy. The 4th birthday of a child is very important for the family and the child as well. It is the most special moment for the family when the child turns 4. The family introduces their child as a new grown-up family member now.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for 4 years old:

4rth birthday wishes

Show improvement over commending this day as your fourth birthday celebration? He will go through an additional 364 days as a cool 4-year-old. So appreciate each second and play as much as could reasonably be expected. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration!

Nothing and nobody else in this world can contrast with your little virtuoso. On your fourth birthday celebration, I wish that you stay as astonishing as you are regardless of how old you are. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration!

From this day on, he will keep on becoming by age and size, yet additionally by his insight. Whatever occurs, I trust you keep on having a free soul and keep that brilliant sparkle. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration to you!

It’s no big surprise why you are known as the grounds pulverize at your childcare. You have the looks, you have the appeal, you have the minds, and you have every last bit of me! With your delicacy, I’m certain no young lady will have the option to stand up to. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration to everybody’s Mr. Perfect.

Hurrah! You are currently 4 years of age! May your birthday celebration be the coolest and may you and your companions be the most joyful. Cheerful long term old!

My solitary desire for your fourth birthday celebration is that it be multiple times more enchanted than your third. Have the most brilliant birthday today!

Since you are 4 years of age, you can eat a larger number of bits of cake than when you were extremely youthful. Since it’s your birthday, you can eat anything you desire. Glad fourth birthday celebration to you!

Wake up and dress well since today is your enormous day. It’s an ideal opportunity to toss the greatest 4-year-old gathering ever. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration to my dear blessed messenger!

You’re just 4 years of age, yet you’re now similar to a princess in a fantasy, not on the grounds that you actually need a perfect suitor, but since you’re as mysterious as they are in the books and motion pictures. Cheerful birthday to the most lovable long term old kid on the planet!

On your fourth birthday celebration today, I just have four words to state to you: Happy fourth birthday celebration, nectar!

Individuals state turning four is brimming with fun. That is to say, it’s excessively astonishing, unprecedented! So today, on your fourth birthday celebration, I wish you only the best fourth birthday celebration!

Did you realize that there is an uncommon errand that each 4-year-old ought to do? It is extremely unlikely to get away and they all did when they were your age. I even did it previously and it was an extraordinary activity to do: have some good times and appreciate life beginning today in festivity of his birthday. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you! Best of luck having a good time!

They state that time passes quickly exceptionally quick, that is extremely obvious. Take a gander at you, presently you are 4 years of age! Goodness, one squint and you’ll be five. So appreciate each snapshot of these 4 years and don’t skirt the good times. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration!

 Cheerful fourth birthday celebration my small sweetheart!

Celebrating a child’s birthday develops self-confidence in him and makes him more capable to get interacted with the complete family members. They are called by their family members, guests, and everyone who knows them at the time of their birthday. This amazing event creates a lot of good and happening things in their life. They love their life and start considering it the best thing they can ever have. So, everyone should celebrate their kid’s birthdays with full excitement and joy. It is the thing which cannot be neglected by the daily busy routine of life. We should make our children happier and excited about their big day.


birthday wishes for boys and girls

They state extreme desserts are terrible for your wellbeing, and I believe they’re correct, so eat enough cake for your little stomach. Expectation your extraordinary day is awesome and may you have an upbeat fourth birthday celebration!

Isn’t it incredible that I was 44 years of age yesterday and now you are 4 years of age? Wish we both have a long life loaded with satisfaction and chuckling everlastingly 4! Simply grasp each cheerful second and make sure to make every moment count!

I trust your fourth birthday celebration will let you know of exceptional shocks and minutes. Your folks may likewise ruin you with blessings and candy, I realize they will! I wish you a glad fourth birthday celebration!

I trust you live a long upbeat and favored life, other than these two, I have nothing to want, you have all that you need throughout everyday life. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration to you!

I can’t trust it’s been a long time since you joined our family. I trust more magnificent years to follow. To my delightful little girl, cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you. Appreciate life and consistently remember to be a gift to other people.

To my dearest darling, glad fourth birthday celebration to you. I need to disclose to you that you are the best blessing I have gotten in my life. On your birthday, I ask that you just have satisfaction, harmony and fun. I love you 4 until the end of time!

To my brilliant little child, when God made you, he just had two things as a top priority – charm and flawlessness! Your appeal is a long way from any 4-year-old. Appreciate all aspects of your life and may you have your best fourth birthday celebration today!

Top 100 beautiful 9th Birthday Wishes:

Dear Beloved, You are the coolest four-year-old kid I know and being in the family and being my nephew is the best gift ever. I trust you have a glad fourth birthday festivity!

Bliss is having a superb child like you. Rapture praises your birthday with bunches of presents and is encircled by the entire family. Cheerful minimal 4 birthday. we love you to such an extent!

We thought we had everything before she was conceived – a pleasant house, a quick vehicle, a decent profession, and so on. Yet, the second I came into this world, our life didn’t feel more finish. You are our genuinely dear diamond! Cheerful fourth birthday celebration dear!

You are presently 4 years of age and you are growing up to be a stunning youngster/lady. Whatever you become throughout everyday life, I will consistently be your main fan. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration sweetheart! I love you!

To the most attractive child anybody can have, glad fourth birthday celebration to you, young man! I trust you appreciate the day and appreciate the superb things that life has to bring to the table!

amazing! You’re growing up quick, infant! You are four years of age today. Most joyful birthday to you! Presently we proceed to get you some new, old garments that don’t fit you any longer.

A four-year child remembers all of the amazing things happening in their life. They understand and feel everything around them. Now, they are grown up enough to feel all of the blessings of life. He is the one from the family who gets excited about the little happiness. Likewise, they also feel sad when something bad happens. So, wishing a child on their 4th birthday is just like wishing a grown-up family member. You can find different ways of wishing the little angle that is now turning to a grown-up child. You can give them the best memories which they can keep along with them for the lifetime. The best and cutest way of wishing the little one is by giving them their favorite toy with a cute and colorful birthday note.

Watching you develop resembles seeing a marvel before my eyes. There isn’t anything that can clarify how otherworldly you are as an individual. Glad fourth birthday celebration to your dear girl. I love you!

You are the best wellspring of my joy and today, on your birthday, I wish you to get as much joy as you are giving me. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you!

Cheerful long term old! Appreciate each snapshot of this uncommon day, since you will never have the experience of being 4 years of age again. You have an entire year to investigate and play around with 4 years. Remain glad and favored!

You, alongside birthday celebrations, are a genuinely exceptional present from our Lord above. I implore that you have the best occasions this life has to bring to the table and that God will keep you from stink eyes. To my charming child, upbeat fourth birthday celebration!

Cheers to a decent birthday! Look how large you are currently! Kindly don’t grow up too quick since I need to observe each second, that is that you are so extraordinary to me. Glad fourth birthday celebration sweetheart!

Actually, you are the most notable individual in my life and I could forfeit everything to your benefit. May your life become significantly more brilliant since you are turning 4 years of age. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration to you!

Welcome Massage:

Today, on your fourth birthday celebration, my solitary desire is that your gatekeeper blessed messengers can keep on controlling you and shield you from anything that may hurt you. I love you so much and I trust you appreciate the pleasantness of life!

You are certainly the cutest and coolest long term old on the whole planet. Today, on your birthday, you look a lot cooler! You are the most astounding birthday celebrant I have ever observed. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration my child!


A birthday note for a 4-year-old boy or girl should be written with love and care. They are now grown up enough to enjoy the sweets and candies. You can give away a surprise birthday party with their favorite cartoon character theme. This will give them a lot of happiness and make their birthday the best one to be remembered for life. You can write a cute birthday card in which you can show love and feel for them.


wishes for girls and boys

Cheerful fourth birthday celebration!


You realize a kid is keen when he talks like a youngster. You talk like the individual, yet you really act like him and that makes you more pleasant and better. We wish you a cheerful fourth birthday celebration!

To the main 4-year-old that I love to the moon and back, upbeat fourth birthday celebration to you! You are now growing up extremely quick! Appreciate each second and expectation you get all the beneficial things throughout everyday life.

I can’t accept 4 years have just passed! I think when you appreciate each second, time breathes easy. You make the previous four years advantageous and energizing. You have a decent infant!

Dear child, glad fourth birthday celebration! Today is an indication of a fresh start, your story has recently started. So try to make the most of each second from this day until the final days. May you have a great time filled festival today.

To my preferred cousin, cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you! Presently that you’re greater, you can likely eat a cake twice your size. I trust your birthday is as enthusiastic as you!

Who needs a gathering when you have it consistently? You are the energy everyone needs! Since you’ve praised your fourth birthday celebration, I’m energized how enthusiastic you are. Most joyful 4 birthday sweetheart!

Birthday Wishes:

Your appeal makes me need to take a gander at you consistently, I can’t get enough of it! Expectation you host a great fourth birthday celebration get-together my most enchanting companion.

cheerful Birthday dear! You are getting more seasoned and you will experience a ton of things and meet many individuals also. Always remember that I am consistently here for you and I will perpetually cherish you. We should make this extraordinary day life-changing!

They are very much excited because they have to cut the cake with their little friends and family members. You can also select the cake of their favorite taste writing a cute birthday message over it. This will attract the birthday boy or girl for sure and make them happy in a very easy way. Making a picture collage of their 4-year life journey is also the best way to make them happy on their special day. It will reveal the happy and small incidents to them and make them feel more excited and praised. By telling their short stories of their cute childhood incidents is the best way to create a happy atmosphere on their birthdays.

I love you one and I trust you make some extraordinary memories today on your fourth birthday celebration!

Unexpectedly you are one of the most novice individuals I know! Have you been working out? It’s a joke! Cheerful fourth birthday celebration child. Keep on engaging everybody around you.

To the most joyful long term old I know, cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you! May you have constantly that uplifting disposition and send satisfaction to everybody you meet on your excursion.

To the main princess in our carries on with, upbeat fourth birthday celebration to you. You made this family sovereignty just by being a piece of it. I am certain that you will accomplish everything you could ever hope for quickly on the grounds that you are the most excellent and savvy long term old young lady I know. Long live princess!

In what capacity can a long term old as you accomplish something unlawful winning the entirety of our love? You are the cutest and the best. Happy Birthday Dear! may you have More.

Happy Birthday Wishes Age wise:

Glad fourth birthday celebration darling. My lone desire is that your life is somewhat more great each time you get more seasoned. Have an uncommon favored day today.

You’re just 4 years of age, yet you would already be able to liquefy hearts each time you grin. You will grow up to be a miracle! Have the best fourth birthday celebration dear!

At the point when I saw you I knew at that exact instant that the genuine princess exists. You definitely know the one from fantasies: wonderful, canny, amusing and kind-hearted. I wish you the best fourth birthday celebration and I trust you keep on developing into a lovely youngster.

Four years back I won the big stake and I was extremely fortunate on the grounds that I had you in my life. Presently, after four years, I actually feel so fortunate that you grew up to be the loveliest 4-year-old. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration my affection.

Dear child, cheerful fourth birthday celebration to you! I wish that your life is loaded up with all the great minutes and that you arrive at the most significant standards you can envision.

The first occasion when I held you in my arms, I guaranteed myself that I will do all that I can to satisfy you. May this fourth birthday celebration of yours bring you only bliss and love. Cheerful fourth birthday celebration child!

Hurrah! You’re hitting four today! It is the greatest day for me as I witness my child turn four and get one bit nearer to being a major kid. Glad fourth birthday celebration and thank you for coming into my life and improving it!

It is a colossal achievement for a long term old to utilize vocabularies that lone grown-ups use. You truly are the sharpest and most expressive child I know. Make the most of your huge day. Glad fourth birthday celebration to you!

To the affection for my life, my best long term old, glad birthday to you! There isn’t anything and nobody else in this world that can contrast with how unique you are. I am the most fortunate dad to have you in my life.

Each parent needs their youngsters to be fruitful and upbeat throughout everyday life. You simply turned four years of age, yet I feel incredible solace in realizing that one day you will be epic! Glad fourth birthday celebration my dear little girl. I love you and I am exceptionally pleased with you!

To the most valiant and most grounded long term old I know, Happy Birthday to you! May you keep on being the hardest, sharpest and most joyful.


Happy Birthday To you:


There are no words that can portray that I am so glad to have you as my girl and to observe your fourth birthday celebration today. Have a daily existence loaded with shocks. Have an upbeat fourth birthday celebration to my wonderful princess!

It makes me upbeat just to imagine that I conveyed a wonderful individual in my belly for a very long time and dealt with her for a very long time. There is no correlation with the adoration I feel for you, my little girl. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration to you!

Different ideas should be filled with different care and a lot of happiness. The little soul is now smart enough to understand your words so you can easily choose the correct way of adoring them on their big day. Framing their cutest picture will make the child and even the parents happier in another way. You can choose the best picture of the birthday boy or girl and wrap it in a cute frame as a birthday present. We have discussed different ideas of wishing a child on his 4th birthday. For sure these ideas will help you to make their special day more special and worth able.

Thanks Massages and Qutations:

Where did constantly go? It’s been a long time since you came into our lives and you made everything vivid. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration to the most valuable fortune of this family.

To my dear younger sibling, upbeat fourth birthday celebration to you. Today you have all the rights to eat all the cakes, confections, chocolates and desserts you need. Appreciate each chomp and have the best a great time.

Upbeat fourth birthday celebration younger sibling. I guarantee to be a greatly improved sister to you and, beginning today on your birthday, we will start to make the most life-changing beloved recollections we can have. I am eager to develop with you.

You’re just 4 years of age now, yet your aptitudes and demeanor are now incredible. Glad fourth birthday celebration sister!

I trust that as you develop more seasoned you keep on spreading energy to everybody you meet. Upbeat fourth birthday celebration younger sibling.


Make 4 wishes, because today you’re four years old. Happy 4th anniversary!



What a beautiful week, I clocked at 44 and clocked at four yesterday. Can our entire lives be full of life and joy. Enjoy the moments of greatest beauty.



To me, you’re a little angel. My life without you is without color. Have a wonderful 4th birthday, my lovely girl.



That your luck never ends, that you live a happy and satisfying life, when you reach the age of 4, these are my main wishes for you, dear boy, I love you!



We knew you were something very special from the first day. You showed that it was real. I wish you a very happy and unforgettable 4th anniversary.


May your fourth birthday be better than your third, may you be a joy, may we love you so much, may you continue to give us that lovely smile forever and ever.



For that I’m thankful to GOD for giving me such a beautiful child. I wish you a very happy 4th birthday. You are the greatest gift of my life.



Today, you’ve had four years. Are you sure of what that means? You’re a little lady four times over! Happy 4th anniversary!



For every moment of your life, I wish you peace and enjoyment. May God send you packages of happiness and joy. I wish you a very happy and prosperous 4th anniversary.



As you grow up, every day of your life, let the abundance of the Lord follow your course, and nothing ever fails. Happy 4th Birthday, honey.



My child is a treasure from above, bound up with packs of fun and love. Your smile, your charm and your stunning face, all you have to do is give me joy and take me into space. On your 4th birthday, I pray GOD to cover you with the best of happiness and health.



My boy, time passes by too fast in this busy world. I’m far from you and we can’t see ourselves as much as we want to talk, share, and just be together… You’re still in my heart, though. To wish you a very happy fourth birthday.



Your special day is here. Today, every second is for you. It’s your birthday after all so listen to you roar, I’m 4, I’m 4, I’m 3 no more! Happy 4th anniversary!



Children can become adults, but in the hearts of parents, and get out of their toys and games. They’re always kids. I wish you a very happy 4th anniversary.



We have many reasons to be happy, and my dear boy, you are one. I wish you a terrific 4th birthday.



Congratulations to the four-year-old princess! Today, you will have fun as a great queen on your special day. Wishing you and your friends a great deal of fun!



Children are God’s gifts, but you, my precious girl, are the greatest of them all, the gifts you have never received. Thank you so much for being so charming to our girl. To wish you a very happy fourth birthday.



You are the answer, my cute little boy, to all my questions. Happy 4th anniversary.



I want to give you four wishes today because you spent four years, I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and lots of love because you can not know what to wish for. Happy 4th anniversary.



May you enjoy playing with the other children in the playground today, honey.



You entered your life and we gave you a great deal of pleasure. As a jewel that you are, we will always wear you. Happy girl’s 4th birthday. Enjoy this day.



Your fourth birthday will be packed with friends, fun and presents this year! Happy 4th anniversary!



You’re so wonderful, you’re so funny, and you’re so funny, even at this tender age. I laugh so much whenever I recall your little tricks. Like your mother, you look. Happy girl’s 4th birthday.


You are your parents’ princess and God, enlighten your life, bless you with good luck. I wish you a happy 4th birthday.


I would like to give you bags and bags of hugs and kisses for your birthday today, and I would like all your dreams to come true. We wish you a happy birthday and a wonderful year!



I think you’ve been living for 1,460 days, you know? For a little girl, this is a huge number. I wish you were worth billions.



It is as sweet as possible especially for a 4-year-old. Here is a puppy from Happy Birthday who likes to be hugged! Nice birthday!



You’ll be really old before you know it. Do you think that you’re prepared for it? 4 Years, Happy Birthday!



It can be upsetting to see a child up to four years of age because you can think of many journeys waiting for them, but we are grateful that you are with us. Happy 4th anniversary!



Happy 4th birthday to an amazingly clever little girl. When you make your first million, do not forget us! I wish you a fun birthday.



Eat those biscuits that I’m always sneaking at you because you deserve to be happy about it all.



You’re nothing like a cat, oh, 4 years old in particular. You are like yourself, which makes you the best 4-year-old kid we all know! Nice birthday!



All I can hope is that the clothes I purchased are sure to suit you and that I can see you in them.



You are the least irritating of all the four years that I know. I love you for that reason. I know that you’re not going to understand what I’m doing now. Sending you a birthday card doesn’t make any sense, but I thought you might want to look back when you’re old, and that’s going to prove that I’m the best uncle ever. Happy fourth birthday, little guy!



For those powerful members that once consisted of delicate bones, their creation is just a miracle.



Pretty little princess… 4 Enjoy today’s magical birthday!



Happy 4th anniversary. I wish you lovely gifts, a happy birthday party and lots of fun with friends!



Your eyes are like pearls that just shine to see how stunning you are when I look at them.



You’re growing so quickly! Time flies, mine, when you have too much fun! Happy 4th anniversary!



You remind me, as you all do of spring, of the warmth and the joy that it brings.



Now you’ve got 365 days to be the world’s strongest four-year-old. Make sure that these are the best days in life. Eat lots of cakes, mess, enjoy your presents, your balloons, your music, your friends and above all, your life, your happy birthday, sweetheart.



May you enjoy being a beautiful girl, my dearest daughter, both inside and out.



Congratulations to the four-year-old princess! Today you will have fun as a great queen on your special day B. Have fun on your own and with your kids!



Princess, happy fourth birthday, continue to do what you love most because we love you so much.



Today is the only day of the year devoted to you, and since you are 4 years old today, it is a very unique day. Enjoy yourself as much as possible!



I hope that, every day the angels will shield you so that you will never get hurt.



Did you know that for the next 12 months to 4 years, you’re going to have it? So have fun, be sweet and it’s all going to be like gold! Happy 4th anniversary!



Happy 4th birthday, princess, you’re basically the sweetest girl I’ve ever seen.



That your birthday cake is four times better than it has been in recent years, because that’s what it takes to mark the coolest four years of the world’s birthday.



You’re going to have fun today, play until you’ve finally got enough for the day, my love.



It’s your day today. It’s for you only. You can do so many great things! Nice birthday!



I can make you feel more special than you do when the day ends. I’m going to treat you and appreciate that love.



Since the birthday parties are cool and the birthday cakes are even better, maybe you can’t wait to grow up, right? Your childhood is the most beautiful part of life, so do not rush to grow up. Now you’re really free to do what you want and get bored all day while you’re still adorable, and because you’re a kid, no one can say something and especially now you’re only 4 years old. They’re getting old!! So keep it up, now we’re all angry that you would,



You’ll win four Huge Hugs on your fourth birthday, four BIG Kisses, and four BIG Wishes.



When people ask me when it was the best day of my life, today, four years ago, when you, my beloved boy, came into my life, I respond without asking, and I sincerely thank you for that. Happy birthday, my love, to make the coolest parent the coolest child.



If your birthday is super awesome and you have a special moment, all of this card’s wishes have been completely realized! Enjoy your birthday with fun



Happy Birthday, honey, you’re always the most favorite, the most precious and the most talented boy I’ve ever met.



Keep your hands on the ground and, because they are the most precious gifts, lead a happier life.



Happy 4th birthday, best wishes, it’s time to blow four candles, share a cake and enjoy your day all your wishes come true.



You are amazing, beautiful, anxious, extraordinary and full of energy now that you are FOUR. Happy 4th anniversary!



In life, may you live wonderful things and become a girl who deserves to wait.



Light the candles, cut the cake off, and this is a very special day. This precious little girl is 4 years old. For someone I love, here are the birthday wishes. Happy 4th Anniversary!



Blow those candles you love to blow so much and let’s start celebrating, you ought to.



You’re 4 and it’s fun to be 4. With ice cream and cookies, celebrate. Let’s plan a party that everybody would love because the unbelievable number 4 has been hit!



I wish you a lot of fun for your birthday. One, two, three, four now. On a big happy 4th birthday like this, little man!



What I really want is to see you happy and see that time gives you happiness.



They’ve got four years today. If you know the meaning of this? Four times! You are a little lady! Happy 4th anniversary!



You turned me from girl to girl, my dear, happy fourth birthday princess.



I bet you’ve got such an admirable smile, all of the guys are going to kneel down to ask you.



Take out the party. It’s time to dance and sing. Happy birthday, little boy of four, I am the biggest fan of yours!



It doesn’t take long to be a toddler, so use the triggers rather than forgetting them.



You’re so fast, so fast; I can’t believe you’re the little boy I’ve been holding in my arms. I love you to the baby moon and back. Happy birthday on the 4th!!



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