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100+ Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy and Girl


Happy 1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy and Baby Girls

Birthday is a day of a person’s birth. We celebrate this day once a year that’s why everyone gets excited about his birthday. It is considered to be an important and memorable occasion for everyone. It is the day when we show importance to our loved ones by wishing them and making them feel happy and worth able on their special day. Everyone needs your presence on their birthdays because you mean a lot for them so we should spare some time for them on their special day. Birthdays are the spotlight for everyone whether he is a child or an old man, age never matters on this special occasion. Whenever we wish our loved ones on their birthdays it brings a marvelous smile on their face and a spark in their eyes.

In this article, we will tell you how to wish a little baby boy or girl on their Happy 1st Birthday Wishes . It does not matter even the baby is just one year old his or her birthday is very special for his parents and for the people who know the baby or who are his family. Happy 1st Birthday Wishes means a lot for everyone. It takes us to the flashback of the most special moment of our life when our baby came in our life and made it more worth able. It is the day when our worries changed into happiness and the darker nights into brighten days. The first birthday reveals the truth and the year and time when the baby lightened up the life of his parents and family. Moreover, he made them the most luckiest person on earth.

In addition to it, creating a beautiful collage of the baby pictures from day one to the present day will give the parents the happiest feelings and moreover it will make the baby happy when he or she will become able to understand this gift. As the baby grows up he or she will see this beautiful collage and cherish the memories he had with you and the family. This is the most beautiful and worth able idea which gives the most beautiful feeling to the parents and the birthday boy or girl.

Happy Birthday Baby

We have shared different ideas that can help you to wish the first birthday of a baby boy or girl and make them feel happier and special. For sure, this will help you to make the special day more special for the little one.

Happy 1st birthday messages

Our little baby girl’s Happy Birthday. We could not ask for a gift that was more precious!


Just one year ago, with a beautiful daughter, God reached down and blessed us. Every day, we thank him for our unique gift.



Well little princess, your reign has reached a full year in the kingdom of our hearts.



May your first year be filled with just as much love and family as the first of many more.



A darling little angel’s Happy Birthday. During your brief time with us you have blessed the hearts of so many; we know that you will touch so many more to come.



Time goes by too quickly! We cannot believe that today you are one year old!



· Let’s make a deal, honey girl. If you promise to stop rising too quickly, we’ll spoil you rotten!



Well one year old, today is a special day for you. Like the special girl that you are, enjoy it.



You’ve got only one year with us. That means that you have been spoiled by your grandparents for several more years!

Happy 1st Birthday wishes for Boys and Girls

A newborn baby is the best and most pure form of god’s love which came right from heaven. We have no other replacement for this beautiful present gifted by our Lord. So when it comes to the first birthday of a baby boy or a baby girl, it is considered to be the best day for the parents.  The parents always came across the feeling that their child has grown up in no time in front of their eyes. This special day makes them realize the meaning of time also because their son or daughter turns into a year old in a very short period of time.

When you are going to wish the 1st birthday of a baby girl or boy then, you have to take notice of some important features of this special day. It does not matter whether you are a parent, uncle, aunt, sister, or any other person of the family.  You have to make this special day more special and memorable with the help of your words and actions.

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes

Please wish for time to stop going by too quickly when you blow out your candle and make a wish today.



Best birthday wishes and an amazing baby girl. You are to us an unbelievable treasure.



Happy 1st Birthday to our lovely little girl. Now maybe Daddy will let you start dating in about 25 years or so!


Happy Birthday Baby Girl:

For your special day, we wish you endless happiness, love, and cuddles!



We hope your birthday is full of all the fun you can handle. Here we will never give you a gift that is as amazing as what you gave us, baby girl. We are fortunate to have a stunning daughter like that.



Everyday, you give us a gift. One year of being with you meant 365 special presents that you gave us. Every day with you in our lives is a gift that is irreplaceable and priceless.



Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl we ever met, one year old.



It has been an entire year since we were blessed with a lovely baby girl. Every day, we count those blessings.



Appreciate your special day. You deserve a happy lifetime.



On your first birthday, you have the rest of your life to be accurate.



For a full year you’ve graced our lives. Thank you very much for everything that you have given us. Nice birthday!



Roses are Crimson, Violets are Blue. You’re one now you’ll be two next year! Nice birthday!



It’s so very difficult to believe you’re already turning one! Enjoy the very special day of yours.



Hey Girl! Hey Girl! Are you now one year old? Where has the time gone?



You are such an extraordinary girl that you deserve a special day! We hope we will be able to give it to you.


Happy 1st Birthday Images

Your first year went by so fast, baby girl. Try not to grow up too soon, please!



Our first year with you has been our life’s most special year. Each day, we keep on loving you more and more.


Happy 1st Birthday Quotes

You have to make a special birthday wish along which makes the baby and the family happy. No matter if the baby is too young to understand what you are feeling on this special day. You have to make their family and parents happier like ever. You can have different ideas of wishes a baby boy or a baby girl on its 1st birthday with the help of this content. We will tell you the small and precious ideas to make this special day more special for the baby and family. You can take different presents while visiting the birthday house. This will make the family happy and moreover it will help you to express your feelings for the little soul.

Happy 1st birthday wishes for girls and boys

A little baby girl’s Happy Birthday. You’ve brought us all too much pleasure!



It is so difficult to believe you are already turning one! Where did time go?



Today’s your big day, little guy! We wish you a very special birthday, for only once can you become one.



To you, happy 1st birthday! We love you as your parents do and we hope that you have a lot of amazing gifts to enjoy playing with.



Have an awesome day today, because you may not remember it, but since it is a special day we all will.



For you and your colleagues, today is a very special day. On this day and for ever and ever, we wish you nothing but the best.



I am unable to believe that you are one. You were only born yesterday, it seems. Happy birthday, and have a day of blessing.



You transform one just once. Have a wonderful day today, and in the years to come, we hope you have more great birthdays.



It’s today, your 1st birthday! All the best, and for being a good boy, you deserve it.



To the sweetest boy ever, Happy 1st Birthday. You are loved by those around you, and today you will have an amazing day.



You are the sweetest boy ever and today you may not know, but we will all. Have a terrific 1st birthday.



Today you’re one, and this is a very special day. Maybe you don’t know yet, but you are loved by everyone. Have a terrific 1st birthday.



· Happy 1st! You are growing up to be a big kid, and we are all looking forward to seeing you keep growing.



We have the world’s best son, and we love you so much. Today enjoy your day.


Ways to Say Happy 1st Birthday

The first birthday celebrations are the most important day of a baby’s life. The other family members do not really remember the first birthdays but the parents remember it most. The parents consider this day the most important for their child because they have to come across different realities of life. The goods and bad are waiting for the little soul so it is the most important day for a parent. You have to make sure that your birthday wishes makes the baby excited and his parents more happier on this day. You can try to make it unforgettable for the parents and family.

Happy 1st birthday wishes for girls

· Bless you. We can’t believe that you’re one now! Have a happy day today and forever.



I thank God that you are my nephew, and today you will have a blessed day. To you, happy 1st birthday.



Wishing you nothing on your big day today but happiness. Just once do you become one, so have a nice



· Are you one today, really? Wow, time went by quickly. You’re the best son anybody can have. Enjoy this first birthday of yours.



Hope, on your first birthday, you get spoiled. You’re a terrific boy who deserves the best things in your life. Enjoy your Little Prince’s first special day!



You are turning one, my baby, and it’s such a unique moment. Today, you may not know, however we will.


Happy 1st Birthday Wishes Message

The little angle does not understand your wishes but you can try out different ideas to make the little baby happy. You can try different ways of wishes to the birthday that can be stored as a momentous gift for the baby. They can keep it and read it when they became able to read. You can prepare a colorful greeting card for the baby. It will attract the baby and will let the parents store it as a good memory. Moreover, you can add different photos in it which can cherish the baby later on. \

Some memories of the different incidents will also make the baby happier when he or she will be able to read it with the whole heart. The more interesting the card will, the more happier the baby will be in the future. Another way of sending birthday wishes on the 1st birthday is to take a gift note along with the beautiful gift for the baby. You can easily make the gift note cute and memorable by attaching some chocolates and flowers with it. The parents can easily remove the birthday note from the present and store it for the baby to have a look of love on it.

Happy 1st birthday wishes

Hey kiddo, we wish you a wonderful day and hope that some great gifts will be given to you.



We are honored to have you as a nephew, and to you we want to say happy birthday.



You’re about to transform one? Ready or not, you’re one now! We love you and all the best we have for you.



Nothing can clarify how proud of you we are and how lucky we are to meet you. Have a terrific birthday today.



Many wonderful wishes for you on your first birthday ever. Today, I would like to wish you nothing but happiness.



My baby, it’s your big day today and I hope you enjoy the 1st birthday party we’re giving you.



You’re a wonderful son, a wonderful nephew and a fantastic brother, and you’re just one! We look forward to having your birthday celebrated today.



You may only be turning one but in our world you have already made a big impression. Have a successful birthday.



To you, happy 1st birthday. Have a rocking day today and enjoy your ice-cream and cake.




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