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100+ Best Happy Engagement Wishes For Sister


100+ Best Happy Engagement Wishes For Sister

Sisters are very closest to everyone’s heart either they are elder or younger. A compassionate sister, by her caring attitude, always makes her siblings happy and spreads the joy of life. Hope you are lucky to have this kind of sweet sister, too. If she’s going to engage with her fiancé or plan to start her life as a married couple, then she deserves the best wishes for commitment. Now it’s your turn to shower her with unbound happiness and expectations of sincere devotion. To get something really cute to celebrate her happy time, just browse this Engagement Wishes For Sister.

c relationship is commitment. A very special occasion is an engagement. A special ceremony where two people get engaged to start a romantic life together and make up their minds. They share all the moments of life together that are good and bad. They make memories beautiful and share all their dreams together. Such collaboration calls for trust and stamina.

Whenever you are invited to an engagement party, always note that this is a very special opportunity for both of them and at that time they may appreciate a single wish from you more than anything else. Get some of the most beautiful and awesome wishes for engagement here. We hope this special day will come soon in your life.

Diamond Engagement Rings For Sister:

Congratulations on the dedication. I’m not shocked though, because they all knew that you two love each other limitlessly. This is a flawless judgment. May life from now on brings you all the happiness and joy you have.


The two of you have been madly in love with each other. This is an expected consequence. Haha, I have been waiting for a very long time to wish you two a very happy engagement. May you all, together, live a happy life.

Engagement Wishes & Quotes

What a gorgeous announcement. Surely, you two are a dream couple. I am genuinely really happy for the two of you. In your next life together, may this happiness last forever.


I can’t simply explain how happy I am right now to see you both together. The right decision was taken by you. You two, more than anyone else, understand each other. This relationship is going to be long-lasting. Ok, I do hope so. Congratulations on getting this great life together.


May this dedication, in your life together, open the door to happiness, joy and good luck. My prayers are with you still. Live and stay long, like the lovebirds that you are. Congratulations on this marvellous commitment.


I have to say, I was very shocked to hear that the two of you are engaged. This shows that all love starts with war, and in your childhood, you two were like real enemies. On this wonderful day, congratulations. Can you, in your life together, always find peace and happiness.

Captions For When Your Sister Gets Engaged & It’s Time


Both of my best friends are getting involved, and I’m more than glad to hear that you’re always going to be together in high school like you were. You love is special. May this involvement be permanent and may both of you find peace together in your happy life.


On this brilliant day, I congratulate you. Believe me, I am overwhelmed with the joy of seeing you this way. This is your special day, and for you, I’m more than just happy.


There’s no better person for you than her. I’m very pleased to hear you made the right decision. On this wonderful day, congratulations. May you two be together at all times and live a happy life.


Captions For When Your Sister Gets Engaged & It's Time

I only wanted to see such a stunning couple being congratulated. I always knew that the two of you would end up in this role, marrying and spending the rest of your life together.


I’m really in awe of your friendship. I saw you two fight the odds and conquer so much. You get married now, you become a husband and a wife, and you prove to the world that love conquers all. Oh, congratulations!

Engagement Status for Sister – Best Engagement Wishes:

There aren’t two people better suited to each other on this planet. I can’t imagine the two of you looking stunning on your wedding day!


Oh, congratulations! You two are going to get married! Over the years, you will create such good memories. There are so many smiles and kisses and hugs you’ll share. What a wonderful day. Oh Congratulations!



Congratulations on this special day, and good luck on your next special day, your wedding day, when both of you will formally become husbands and wives.


I’m so pleased to hear this news. I love both of you so much and I’m so proud to say that I know both of you. I can’t wait to see what it brings to your wedding day and marriage. What great news. Oh, congratulations!


Congratulations: Engagement Wishes For Sister

For the family that stayed with us only for a certain time before her marriage, Sisters are a short-term residence. So, it always hurts when it comes to saying farewell to our sister and saying goodbye. But it’s a tough reality that we have to let them go with her husband and her new family to set up a new life. And this phase starts from the engagement of sister when we can wish her on her engagement for a better happy life.

Engagement Wishes For Sister

The day to rejoice is today! You two are going to get married! How interesting! How beautiful! The ideal pair would ultimately be a husband and a woman. I’m in love with you both. You can’t wait to see what the future has to deliver. Oh, congratulations!


Engagement Wishes: What to Write:

I’m so excited to see you two taking your lives to the next level. You will be so happy. What a beautiful day for love to be celebrated.


Your love will last for years and years, for sure. You’ll make it through the tough times, I’m sure of that. On your wedding day, I cannot wait to see you two. Oh, congratulations!


Congratulations and good luck to the prospective bride and groom. You two are such an awesome couple, and I know you’re going to beat the odds. I’m sure you’ll make it to the end.



What a gorgeous day. Congrats to the two of you. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you at your wedding. You two are going to look so lovely.



In the breeze, love is. All the best to you as well. Can you have so much happiness and love in the future. Congratulations!



When I heard the news, I nearly cried… Tears of joy. For such a long time, I have been waiting for this moment. I always knew that the two of you would end up getting married, and we are almost there now! Oh, congratulations!


Bless you two as you embark on this journey. Until the end, you can continue to do it, deal with the poor, but fall in love with each other a little more with the good. Oh, congratulations!


It’s about time that you two got engaged! I have waited forever for this day. I had always known it was going to happen. I’m so happy to see you’re taking the next step at last.

Congratulations To Sister On Her Engagement Wishes:

You two are a lovely pair like that. What a fullness of love and joy. You will have such a wonderful marriage. Oh, congratulations!


On your new path, I wish you all the best. I hope you get lots of laughter and love from this new chapter. Oh, congratulations!


Engagement Wishes For sister In Law:


Here we are going to bring to you many kinds of Engagement Wishes For Sister which are best around the web and will be appropriate to share your sister and say congratulations on your engagement sister. Let’s browse together with positive Engagement Wishes For Sister posts, greetings and congratulations quotes for sister’s engagement to get some best engagement wishes for sister.

happy engagement quotes

From a boyfriend and a girlfriend to an engaged couple… So far, you two have come. What a delightful day to celebrate! Oh, congratulations! Anything the best!

Engagement Wishes: What to Write to Congratulate the Happy:


You two are like a couple with a fantasy. Without a bad ending, like Romeo and Juliet. Love and kindness and happiness are the basis of your relationship. For a marriage, the ideal match. Oh, congratulations!


What a perfect way to share the love of yours. Becoming a husband and wife for the remainder of your lives, one soul. I can’t think of anything more beautiful, or of a few more worthy of such beautiful and exciting news. Oh, congratulations! Good luck to both of you.


It is such an enormous step to get married, but I know you two can do it! You’re going to battle the odds and be an even better pair. Oh, congratulations!

Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring

I wish nothing but joy for you. The two of you are so beautiful and really deserve the best for the future. Good luck with everything. Oh, congratulations!


To a beautiful couple who taught me that true love prevails…. Oh, congratulations! I hope you get full and absolute joy from this wedding and marriage. Good luck with all this, and I hope it will be the best. Not that it is important for you!


These days, love is so hard to find, but the two of you have managed to defy that. You found and fell in love with each other, and now you are both so in love and getting married! It’s very beautiful!


The moment for so much pleasure is an engagement! The two of you are fortunate to meet each other in a world that seems to have rid itself of passion. What happy news for a beautiful couple. Good luck to both of you. Oh, congratulations!



Engagement Wishes: What to Write in an Engagement Card:

After all of these years, seeing you two together is truly inspiring. You two never abandoned each other, even in the hardest of times. The best decision you two have ever taken is this pledge. You are truly meant to each other. Congratulations on this amazing marriage.


After hearing the news of your marriage, simple congratulations are not enough to show you my happiness.


May your love shine brilliantly beyond the brilliance of the diamond ring that you have given her. Congratulations boyfriend. I am very pleased with you. I’m glad you read that the men’s wedding ring guide I’ve suggested is great for your band.


Together, seeing you makes me feel so much better. How time flies, I cannot imagine. It feels like yesterday when all three of us hung out together at college. I miss those gorgeous moments. Congratulations on the lovely marriage.


May this relationship prove to be the best and provide you with love for each other and joy. Congratulations here.


Happy Engagement Wishes For Sister

Woman wants to get involved with the one she really loves, and she waits for her nearest and dearest to congratulate her on this incredible piece of news when it finally happens! She also needs to remember that her dear sister/brother is happy for her and gives her and her lover all the best wishes. So hurry up and get your sister’s needs met! You will find a lot of heartfelt wishes and congratulations in this section, which will share your joy and support for this crucial thing.

happy engagement dear sister

WhatsApp Status For Sister Engagement | Lovely SMS & Sister:

I feel like I was just hanging out yesterday when you two were dumb teenagers and now I’m looking at you all mature and engaged. I’m still really happy for you. Congratulations here.


What great news! Congratulations for making this pledge. God bless all of you. Can you two have, together, a better future.


Congratulations for taking, without me, another adult measure. I am very pleased to see that you like this friend. Give her my regards. I’m going to come shortly.


Even in the most difficult of times, true love is when you hold your darling. I’m inspired by your tale of love. Congratulations on this marvelous commitment. I am very pleased with the two of you.

Engagement Wishes For Sister

No matter what, try to protect this relationship from any damage at all times. The two of you are so amazing and many people are jealous of both of you. On this fine day, congratulations. I am very pleased with the two of you.


I can’t simply explain how happy I am right now to see you both together. The right decision was taken by you. You two, more than anyone else, understand each other. This relationship is going to be long-lasting. Ok, I do hope so. Congratulations on getting this great life together.


I knew a day would come when the two of you would eventually decide to spend your life together, because the two of you could no longer survive without each other. Congrats, dear friends. I’m more than pleased to see you this way…


On this brilliant day, I congratulate you. Believe me, I am overwhelmed with the joy of seeing you this way. This is your special day, and for you, I’m more than just happy.


Congratulations on this romantic move that you two took together. It’s so inspirational. You two are terrific.


Without that glorious light, the moon is just a hideous mass. Likewise, you two, without each other, are imperfect. Always be the bird of love that you are. I wish you, together, a very happy life. Congratulations here.


Your hearts have been fused into a single on this special day. Congratulations here.

Congratulations To Sister On Her Engagement:

This tiny ring will create an eternal bond. Congratulations on this marvellous commitment.


Your genuine love life has just begun. With this dedication, the two of you are now one soul with separate bodies. Congratulations here.


Wishing you from the deepest corners of my heart a very happy marriage. I’m just glad to hear the good news. In the end, you have found the love of your life. Please give her my best wishes. Congrats, dear friend.


Your first step toward a new life has been taken. Will your new life be filled with all these joys and happiness. May you live long, both of you!


Compliments on having each other. Hearing about your engagement is good. Wishing a very happy life to both of you and plenty of love.


Congratulations to a couple newly engaged. Your love has reached another level, and every day I want it to increase. I wish all of you both a very happy future.


Happy Engagement Messages For Sister


Here’s the best sister’s engagement status and wonderful words to wish her a happy engagement ceremony that should feel perfect and come from the heart. At the beginning of a new phase of her life, we hope that this status and wishes are best to exchange messages with her.

Engagement Wishes For Sister

Try to love each other as you do. I’m so happy to hear about your involvement. Together, you two make a beautiful couple. May your connection with love get stronger.



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