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Top 100+ Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For A Girl And Boy


1st Birthday Wishes

1st birthday wishes


The most perfect present sent directly from heaven is a brand-new baby. The couple’s lives are at their happiest at this time. A baby’s 1st birthday wishes party is the next significant event in their lives. Although none of us can recall our first birthday, our parents are certain to have vivid memories of this occasion. In this article, we will discuss 1st birthday wishes and hope you will enjoy our collection of 1st birthday wishes

Because a child’s first birthday represents a critical turning point in their life, 1st birthday wishes are always special. This event has great significance, regardless of whether you are a parent, an aunt, an uncle, or just a guest at the birthday party.

The baby’s first birthday marks a year since they were born and began bringing light into the lives of those around them. Parents could feel as though their child has grown up too soon in front of their eyes as a result. Even if the infant might be too little to understand what is said on this important day, it is crucial to have a genuine wish ready for them. The first birthday of a child is a highly meaningful day. 5–10–20 years from now, it’s unlikely that the child will recall their first birthday, but photos and videos will serve as a record of the occasion. The kid will be able to reflect on their early years and realize how much affection they were surrounded by.

1st birthday wishes

It takes some consideration to choose the ideal greeting for such an extraordinary event. Do you intend to publish books that the young reader can read later on? Write for the parents? Do you intend to write books that parents can read to their kids? It’s time to choose the style of greeting once you’ve chosen the person to whom you’re sending your birthday message. Emotional, spiritual, or humorous? Either choice you choose, the child’s parents will always value your kindness.

How Might We Do 1st Birthday Wishes Specially And Memorably?

Ah, the first birthday of a child! It’s a joyous day for the baby’s parents as well. The tiny one has brought love, laughter, and joy into everyone’s life, and now is the perfect time to celebrate that. One method is to send birthday wishes to a baby girl. Here are some creative and entertaining ideas to make your child’s first birthday a memorable and special occasion.

Choose a Special Subject:

Choose a theme that shows your baby’s personality rather than sticking with the traditional pink and blue colors. The party can be made more lively and thrilling by adopting a fun theme like “under the sea” or “a jungle safari.” A nice outfit for your child is also an excellent occasion to dress up.

 To Put Together a Time Capsule:

Make a time capsule with letters, photos, and other treasured artifacts to preserve this unique era in history. When they turn 18, you can open it up and let them recall those wonderful times.

Create a Smash Cake:

A smash cake is a small cake designed for the infant to crush, grab, and consume. For the infant to celebrate their first birthday, is a joyful and messy method. Also, it offers some fantastic chances for photos.

Personalized Gifts:

A wonderful approach to express your affection for the child is with personalized presents. A personalized present, such as a teddy bear, blanket, or toy with the baby’s name or birthdate on it, can be treasured for years to come.

We’ve compiled some warm birthday greetings for your child to make this day even more special. If you are the parent, you can directly convey these wishes to the parents or display them on banners.

For them, this year will be full of numerous hardships and brand-new obstacles, but it will also be full of wonderful experiences that they will never forget. See the numerous adorable first birthday wishes listed below for this special occasion, and then email the happy parents your warmest  1st birthday wishes!

Let’s discuss 1st birthday wishes

1st Birthday Wishes For The Girl

Now, it’s time to celebrate the little princess in your life turning one! Your baby girl is turning one, and this is a momentous event that calls for all the love and adoration she can receive. The first birthday is usually a special occasion, regardless of whether the child is your daughter, niece, or a friend’s youngster. You need the ideal birthday greeting to convey your affection and best wishes for her to make it even more memorable. In light of this, we’ve put up a selection of endearing and humorous first birthday wishes for a baby girl that will cheer her and her parents up. Prepare to spoil your young girl and make her first birthday one to remember!


1st birthday wishes for baby girl from mother, consider these fantastic wishes:

  • Greetings on our adorable baby girl’s birthday. A priceless present could not have been given to us!

  • God blessed us with a lovely daughter just a year ago by reaching out from above. We give Him thanks every day for our unique gift.

  • Well, little princess, you have had a full year to rule the kingdom of our hearts.

  • May this first year of yours be the beginning of many more years filled with love and family.

  • A sweet little angel has a birthday today. Throughout your brief time with us, you have touched the hearts of countless people, and we do not doubt that you will continue to do so.

  • Time is passing by so quickly! We can’t believe today is your first birthday!

  • 1st Birthday Wishes
  • Let’s work something out, baby girl. If you vow to slow down your rapid development, we’ll spoil you rotten!

  • Well, one-year-old, it is a memorable day for you. Take advantage of it like the amazing girl you are.

  • You only have a year left with us. It means your grandparents can continue to indulge you for a very long time!

  • Make a wish for time to slow down after you extinguish your light and make a wish today.

  • A gorgeous newborn girl and best wishes for your birthday. To us, you are a priceless treasure.

  • Happy birthday to our adorable baby girl, who just turned one. Perhaps maybe Daddy will let you start dating in roughly 25 years!

  • For this special day, we wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and kisses.

  • We wish you a happy birthday packed with as much fun as you can bear.

  • We could never give you a present as wonderful as what you have given to us, baby daughter. We are fortunate to have such a lovely daughter.

  • There is so much work for my lovely baby girl—and you are only one!—besides unwrapping presents, blowing out candles, and having fun.

  • Although I hope you become an educated, wise, and tough adult, know that you will always remain my tiny baby in my eyes.

1st birthday wishes for daughter

  •      Without a question, you are the best thing to ever happen to me and the ideal daughter a parent could ask for.

  • You are my sweet little pie. I would die if I didn’t see you every single day. Well, happy birthday to the world’s cutest daughter!

  • Do not nap when you are celebrating your birthday or my daughter will miss the most significant birthday of her life! You had a happy birthday!

  • You deserve such a beautiful day since you are my special girl. That’s something I hope we’re giving to our amazing daughter!

  • 1st Birthday wishes
  • Thank you, dear daughter, for making our first year with you the most memorable of our life and for deepening our love for you every day.

  • Your rule over the realm of our hearts has now lasted a whole year, little princess!

  • We could never offer you a present as wonderful as the one you have been giving us for a year, my little daughter.

  • Although you are too little to recall the flavor of the cake we created for you, daughter, we are confident that you will remember the love and care we put into making this birthday special for you.

  • Daughter, we appreciate all the love you have shown us during the more than a year that you have been in our life.

  • The gift you, our little daughter, have been giving us every day for the past 365 days is incomparable to anything else. For us, each day spent with you is a priceless gift.

  • 1st birthday wishes
  • Happy birthday to the most adorable one-year-old daughter we have ever met!

  • Enjoy your special day, princess; you deserve to be happy for the rest of your life.

  • This growth in our princess has been the most amazing sight we have ever seen! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

1st birthday wishes for the boy

A baby boy’s first birthday is an exceptionally memorable event that should not be missed. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, or other family member or friend, this is the ideal time to express your love and affection for the youngster. It’s crucial to select the ideal first birthday wishes and greetings for the baby boy when he turns one so that they can be cherished for years to come. In light of this, we have put up a list of some of the sweetest and most humorous birthday wishes for a baby boy on his first birthday that is guaranteed to put a smile on his face and fill his heart with joy. These birthday wishes for a baby boy will undoubtedly warm your heart and brighten your day.


1st birthday wishes for baby boy from mother, consider these fantastic wishes:

  • An extremely significant day is soon to arrive. Greetings on the little cutie’s birthday!

  • May your birthday be filled with happiness, color, and pleasure from beginning to end!

  • Even though you’re a toddler and probably don’t give a damn, we’ll make a big deal out of your birthday! Happy birthday, my baby boy!

  • You are turning one, my son, and this is such a special time. Although you might not recall today, we will! Happy birthday, then my baby boy!

  • Enjoy your wonderful day; although you might not remember it, we will all remember how exceptional it is. It’s the first of many to come.

  • Enjoy your first special day, my precious prince, since you are an amazing baby and deserve the best things in life!

  • Little boy, today is your first birthday! We want to wish you a very happy birthday and say thank you for making our lives so much more joyful.

  • You are a special person today, and this day is really special! Although you may not realize it yet, everyone loves you! Enjoy your birthday!

  • We are excited to watch you develop into a big boy since you will soon be one! Happy birthday, my young one.

  • We all adore you and are proud to call you our best son in the entire world. Have a great time today! Enjoy your birthday!

  • Hi little one, we hope you have a wonderful day and get some fantastic gifts today!

  • Enjoy your ice cream and cake, my handsome kid, and have a great day!

  • When turning one, are you prepared? Whether you’re prepared or not, you have become one. My dear little child, I wish you the very best.

  • On this lovely first birthday, we wish you a lot of good things, and I hope your entire life is filled with happiness! I wish my prince a happy birthday!

1st birthday wishes for son

1st birthday wishes for son


  • It’s your big day, my son, and I hope you enjoy the celebration we’re having for your first birthday today!

  • Today is a huge day for you, son! You turn one once, so we’re wishing you a very special birthday.

  • You had a happy first birthday! We hope you receive a ton of wonderful gifts that my son enjoys playing with since we love you just as much as your parents do.

  • Even though you might not remember today, we will all remember it since it is a wonderful day.

  • You and your family are celebrating a very important day today. Nothing but the best for you on this day and that always is what we hope for you.

  • I find it hard to believe you are one. You appear to have been born yesterday. Have a good day and happy birthday.

  • One turns one only once. We wish you a wonderful birthday today and many more in the years to come.

  • Today is the day that you turn one! I wish you well because you’ve been such a lovely son.

  • The loveliest boy ever has a happy first birthday. Everyone in your vicinity adores you, and today is going to be a great day for you my son.

  • Although you might not remember today, we will all remember that you are the sweetest boy ever. Enjoy your first birthday!

  • Today is a momentous day for you because you turned one. You might not realize it yet, but everyone loves you. Enjoy your first birthday.

  • Happy First birthday my son! We are all excited to watch you continue to develop into a big boy since you are already becoming one.

  • We adore you dearly and have the best son in the entire world. Have a good time today my son.

  • Thank you. We cannot believe that you have become one! Have a happy day today and every day.

1st birthday wishes


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1st Birthday wishes can be inserted into these items

When wishing a child “happy birthday,” people frequently leave out any additional wishes because young children can’t grasp them until they turn one. There are a few methods to include birthday greetings, though, so that they can be kept as souvenirs and read by the child when he or she is old enough to do so.

1st birthday wishes card

For the child to read later, you can group colorful greeting cards that include loving birthday wishes for the child. Make the card engaging and entertaining by using incidents or images.

Gift Note(1st birthday wishes)

You can choose a sweet gift letter to attach to the present you give the birthday boy or birthday girl. Before unwrapping the gift, the parents might take the message out and securely keep it. Even the description of the item can be added underneath the card.

 Collage(1st birthday wishes)

You can create a collage for the child’s birthday with the help of a few close family or friends. You can add some images and stories to add some creativity and show the child how they change as they become older.


It can be a little difficult to come up with the ideal wording when creating a birthday card for a baby’s first birthday. It should be heartfelt, but also lighthearted and age-appropriate. Focusing on the child’s developmental milestones and how much they have developed over the past year is an excellent idea. To make it even more special, you may include some amusing jokes or sweet poetry. Make sure your remarks are sincere and convey how much you care about the baby and their family, whether it’s a personal message or a humorous quip. You can write a sentimental first birthday letter that will be treasured for years to come with a little bit of imagination. here is our 1st birthday wishes collection and you did like 1st birthday wishes for her baby.


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