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Top 100+ Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Boys & Girls


12th Birthday Wishes

Every child striving to transition from childhood into adolescence finds turning 12 to be exciting. It is your responsibility to provide an outstanding experience for someone who is celebrating their 12th birthday wishes who is close to you. Since they may be read repeatedly, written words are usually preferable to spoken ones since they can make a person feel grateful and fortunate to have kind individuals in their life.

12th birthday wishes


Because it is a special day used to commemorate one’s birth anniversary, a birthday is significant. It only happens once a year and is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and start things over. A considerate gesture would be to send birthday congratulations to someone to help them enjoy their birth anniversary. so we should say happy 12th birthday wishes in a very good way.

Our lives are important on the day of our birthdays. They serve as occasions for both life celebrations and year-end reflection. Birthdays can be a happy occasion for some people. They may be bittersweet for certain people. It can be difficult to wish a 12-year-old a happy birthday. What do you say, and what language do you use when talking to little children who are now teenagers?

A birthday is a special day when you reflect on your life and treasure all the experiences that shaped the beautiful person you are now. It is not only a day for receiving gifts. When significant individuals in your life, such as your parents, siblings, spouse, or lover, have a birthday, you celebrate it. It can be a wonderful way to express gratitude and honor your relationship with the person celebrating their birthday. Your relationship can also be strengthened by expressing your appreciation for your favorite individual. If it’s your child’s birthday, the occasion is made even more memorable. In this article, we will discuss 12th birthday wishes and hopefully, you will enjoy our wishes for 12th birthday.

A birthday card for your adorable teen should be just as unique because twelve is a remarkable age!

I put together a selection of heartfelt happy 12th birthday wishes that you may use to create a card that will be remembered.

These birthday greetings can also be used to send happy 12th birthday wishes to a loved one via social media or WhatsApp.

Let’s take about 12th birthday wishes now

Here are some 12th birthday wishes

12th birthday wishes

  • “Even though you’re getting older, you’ll always be my sweet, little angel,” she said. Happy 12th birthday.

  • “With love and best wishes as you enter your twelfth year. “Happy birthday!”

  • “Happy birthday, baby; you bring so much joy into my life.”

  • “On your special day, we wish you the utmost happiness because you are our pride and joy. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  • “We are proud of you and wish you a happy birthday. All of life’s positive experiences are your due.

  • “Someone as remarkable as you certainly merits a lavish birthday celebration on your unique day… Happy 12th birthday!”

  • “As the clock strikes twelve to greet your 12th birthday, I’m hoping that it brings enchantment and joy to your wonderful day!”

  • Being 12 is undervalued. Look at how cool you are! Happy 12th birthday wishes!”

  • “Today is the 12th birthday of a cool kid! Your cake should be as sweet as you are, my child, and I hope your 12th birthday is filled with joy.

  • “Congratulations on turning 12! May you always find satisfaction in the simple pleasures life has to give, as you do now.

  • Your family sends you heartfelt wonderful 12th birthday wishes.

  • “Wishing you a very happy birthday at age 12 and a wonderfully fantastic year ahead.”

  • “I hope your 12th birthday is one you will always cherish and the beginning of a fantastic year.”

  • Fantastic, crazy, passionate, devoted, adaptable, and funny… that spells TWELVE, and you are also spelled by that. I’m glad you’re here.

  • “When you turn a year older, I’m sending you love from the bottom of my heart. Make me proud, keep it up!”

  • “Do you know what day it is today? That is the day when you will receive the most pampering, extravagant, and celebrity treatment. I wish you a very fantastic 12th birthday!”

  • “We don’t put candles on your birthday cake because you nearly burned down the home on your second birthday. Greetings on your 12-year birthday.

  • “A dozen flowers and the twelve months of a year are represented by the number 12. You will finally join that club with twelve years under your belt now that you are 12 years old. I’m glad your child has a birthday.

  • “I hope the coming year is just as enjoyable and exciting as the last twelve have been. You’ve accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time, and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • “Every candle you blow out will make a dream come true. I pray for your blessing from God.

  • I hope you have an amazing 12th birthday! Now that you are a tween, you are on the verge of becoming a teenager. You are one step closer to receiving a teenager’s gifts, so don’t worry.

  • I hope the coming year is just as enjoyable and exciting as the last twelve. You’ve done a lot in a short amount of time, and I’m forward to seeing what you do next. I’ll see you in 24 years.

  • You’re developing so quickly, and I love the person you’re becoming. I’m also not sure what size to get you in terms of clothing and shoes!

  • Parents claim that talking to teenagers can be challenging at times. How difficult can that be when you’re on TikTok and your birthday messages play every two minutes?

  • 12th birthday wishes

  • Congrats, you lived a total of 12 years, each with 12 months. Please explain why you enjoy this song so much. Cheers to 12 years old!

  • Happy birthday to you, 12! How many do you have in a dozen?

  • Your 12 candles are making it quite hot, so hurry and blow them all out. Happy birthday to a sweet person. I adore you!

  • You’re finally prepared to work with SpongeBob when you reach twelve. Are you not?

  • I want to wish you a happy birthday and pray that nothing will stand in your way of being great as you become 12 years old. God bless you.

  • I can only compare you to Virgin Gold Mine, which is full of undiscovered riches, despite how cool you may look now. Best regards!

  • Even though we are only recently become friends, you have emerged as the most interesting aspect of my existence. Enjoy your party with me.

12th birthday wishes for boys

12th birthday wishes

  • “You’re the most adorable birthday boy ever! Enjoy your birthday celebration today and have fun. We send our best wishes your way.

  • “I’m hoping that, by the age of twelve, your creative abilities will begin to take on a new, more mature shape that leans towards professionalism. Boy, continue moving forward. Thank you for reading.

  • “Twelfth birthday wishes! But, you’re not a large boy; rather, you’re a young adult. I adore you, my boy, for who you already are and for who you will become.

  • “You have given so much to so many people with your life. Your birthday is a very good excuse to rejoice.

  • As you are my little brother, I would normally torment you, but since it is your birthday, I’ll be lenient.

  • “You are twelve years old today! The decision to use it wisely is now entirely in your control.

  • You must cherish this great day because you turn 12 just once in your lifetime. Salutations on your birthday.

  • “You are incredible, and I do not doubt that you will develop into an even more remarkable young man. The excellent things you will do this upcoming year are something I eagerly forward to watching.

  • “Happy birthday to a young person who is developing swiftly! In due time, you will surpass me.

  • May your wonderful birthday bestow upon you greater knowledge and wisdom! Happy birthday to a very special growing kid!”

12th birthday wishes for a girl

12th birthday wishes

  • “Happy birthday, little girl! May you have a birthday as lovely as you are.

  • Happy birthday, and best wishes for an amazing year ahead, for your 12-year-old self.

  • “It’s hard for me to comprehend that the tiny child I held in my arms as a toddler 12 years ago is now a young woman. Have a fantastic birthday!”

  • “Dearest birthday girl, I’m sending you all the glitzy and sparkling greetings. Let today shine brightly and radiantly, just like you do. I cherish you! Happy 12th birthday!”

  • “To celebrate a lovely girl on such a lovely day. I wish I would never be absent from anything involving you.

  • I hope you have a good time on your 12th birthday and get all the presents you wanted.

  • Your perspective on the world and life also change as you age. Never lose your sense of wonder or your kind nature, no matter what occurs. Happy 12th birthday!”

  • “I’d like to take this chance to express my pride in the young woman you are growing into. Your future is very promising. We wish you a happy birthday.
  • “I wish you happiness, love, and laughter in your twelfth year. Nothing less than that is what you deserve.

  • “I hope your birthday is at least 12 times better than you anticipated. You deserve it.

12th birthday wishes for daughter

12th birthday wishes

  • “We send our best wishes for a beautiful year filled with love and happiness. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  • There is no other female in this world or the next who is more lovely or flawless than you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

  • “When my daughter turns 12 today, I am overcome with pride. Happy birthday, my princess, and May all your desires come true.

  • “My darling, may your day be as lovely as you are. You make our life so much happier, and we love you more than you can ever know.

  • Congratulations on turning 12!” Be cautious to balance having fun with keeping your focus on education.

  • Happy birthday, 12-year-old! The more years you live, the more I enjoy your birthday. I do so because I adore you more and more every day.

  • ‘You’re no longer a huge girl; you’ve grown into a young woman. Whatever you become, I will always adore you just the way you are right now.

  • “Congratulations on your birthday, my daughter. We get to commemorate today how happy you make us and how many years we have spent with you.

  • It’s your birthday, but I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful daughter, therefore I feel like the lucky one.

  • “I sincerely hope that your 12th birthday is one that you will cherish in memory till your next one.”

12th birthday wishes

12th birthday wishes

  • “Happy birthday, young man. I hope you have the best possible day. I love you and always will.

  • Boy, happy birthday. Wishing you a hundred candle-blown years.

  • “We appreciate your presence in our lives; you give our family’s existence purpose.”

  • Happy birthday to my dearest kid, who turns 12! It is my wish for you to have the heart of an angel and the eyes of a kid as you view life.

  • More than we can express in this place, we love you. To our kid, a happy 12th birthday.

  • Happy birthday, my wonderful son. No matter how big you grow or how far you go, I’ll always be here, right behind you.

  • “I don’t think 24 hours is enough time to celebrate your birthday. Congratulations on turning 12! You are my favorite son.

  • Never let go of the love you have in your life. Your future is bright because you are a remarkable young man. Wishing you all the best on your big day!”

  • “I have a lot to be grateful for, and I know I’m with you for the best. Your 12-year-old birthday is going to be fantastic, I hope!”

  • “May God’s benevolence and goodness radiate upon you from this day forward and always, as the sun shines in the morning. Dear Son: Happy Birthday.


Here are some really cute ways to wish someone a happy 12th birthday wishes. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I look forward to speaking with you again!

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