Happy Birthday Wishes Age Wise

Happy Birthday Wishes For 12-Year-old Boy and Girl

In this article, we write down the best collection of Happy Birthday Wishes For 12-Year-Old Boy and Girl. These Wishes explain the love and care about our son friend and loves once. If you know someone who is celebrating their 12th birthday, it would be great to send them a special wish on this special day. They may still be young to appreciate it, but surely it is such a beautiful gesture. To help you find the best message or the desire to send, here are the happy messages of the 12 years you can be inspired. Written words are always better than words because one will read words over and over and that will definitely make someone happy and lucky to have someone who cares about them.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 12-year-old Boy and Girl

  • Someone as special as you really deserve a great celebration on this special day of yours … happy birthday!


  • A good start does not necessarily guarantee a grand finale, but it is very important on the road to greatness. I hope you have advantages for your start. Happy 12th birthday.


  • As young and as cool as you look today, I can only compare you to one thing that is a gold mine of Virgin, full of untapped gold. Happy 12th birthday.


  • I want to wish you a prosperous birthday number 12 and pray from the bottom of my heart so that no obstacle can prevent you from becoming great again. Be blessed.


  • Happy birthday to you, my dear son, in some way, you hardly seem older than an eleven-year-old child. But it is a great thing that his maturity has compensated for his youthful appearance.


Happy Birthday Wishes for Boy and Girl.


  • Nobody likes fun more than this incredible, who will soon turn 12 years old. And nobody loves this child 12 years older than us, happy birthday, little man/lady!


  • Happy 12th birthday, dear, you are the best thing that has happened to me and I hope you get the best of the world. Enjoy the day dear!


  • 12 already, look how fast you’ve grown, just the other day that I was holding you in my arms when I was a baby. I hope you get the best of everything. I really love you babe.


  • If this day were an object, it would be a door that would take him to new adventures, which he will now face as a more intelligent year, a year higher, a year stronger, a year faster, a year older. Happy Birthday!


  • Birthdays are like shooting stars because they are spectacular moments in our lives where you can make wishes in the blink of an eye. Enjoy this moment, happy birthday 12 for you!


  • Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday is 12 times better than you expected. You really deserve a great celebration, so get up and have fun!


  • You are really special that your birthday is a national holiday. I bet all your friends and family will also think about whether they will have a day out of school to celebrate your special day.


  • Happy birthday, my daughter, I cannot believe you’ve been here for 4382 days. You are really aging … enjoy and be happy!


  • You are very special to me. Someday, you will be famous. Maybe, you will become a successful soccer player or a fireman. Whatever the future holds, remember always that we are here for you, now and forever. Happy 12th birthday my dear son!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boy and Girl.

  • You deserve to have the biggest party of all. Remember, you only meet 12 once in a lifetime.


  • odes and each one of the candles that blow will make a wish come true. Happy 12th birthday to you!


  • I would like to wish you a happy birthday number 12, but I would prefer to demand it, happy birthday!


  • Even though today you will be aging one year, you are still that cute baby I know. This is the reason why I will always treat you as my baby.


  • Your life has been a great blessing to many people. In fact, your birthday is a great reason to celebrate.

  • Every year that you find yourself alive is reason enough to celebrate. That’s what makes birthdays even more special.





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